The University of Arizona

UA Rudiment List

Just like learning any language where it is essential to start with basic nouns and verbs, these rudiments are the fundamentals you will need to begin playing and communicating as a cohesive unit at the University of Arizona. This will also carry over to any drumline you wish to play with in the future.

During your individual audition, you will be asked to play from the following list of rudiments:

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Study and learn these rudiments and be able to play them open to close – back to open (slow to fast – back to slow). It is essential that all incoming performers be able to play the listed rudiments for two reasons: 1) It will be an evaluated part of the audition process; 2) it establishes a common drum vocabulary between all of the incoming and returning performers. This makes it easier for the drum parts to be written since we know what to expect from all the performers. This in turn will make it easier for the performers to begin learning the music, as they will recognize these rudiments within in the music, as well as make it easier for the performers to play together sooner.